IT-BRAMA Standard


The IT-BRAMA Standard Corporate Portal is optimal for those companies that do not need templates or standard routes of business processes due to their activities specifics, or uselessness of such routes or templates. Similar to IT-BRAMA Basic, the Enterprise 2.0 concept is realised with the set of own tools in the IT-BRAMA Standard Corporate Portal. In addition to functions realised in IT-BRAMA Basic, IT-BRAMA Standard is enhanced with document flow core mechanisms with mechanisms of document routes visual configuration.

Document flow core itself is a platform and is a basis for the system of managing document flows and respective processes. Document flow core realises principal functional possibilities of electronic document flow as well as automates internal business processes: preparation, registration, storage, and search for documents; minimises work with hard copies, differentiate access rights, exports/imports data from external electronic information sources etc.

Document routes visual configuration grants a possibility, by using a graphic editor, to create and visually display a unique route of a document and its processing in company departments.

Statistics block available in document flow informs about problems in a company, points where documents are stuck which makes the work of both certain employees and the whole company longer and more complicated. Thus, in the Corporate Portal the continuous process of the internal optimisation of company business processes is realised.

Besides that, starting from the IT-BRAMA Standard edition the portal solution is supplied together with a licence for the BSI Foundation, an ERP-system for complex automation of business management, with five additional licences. BSI Foundation can be used for administering, configuring and controlling the portal as well as configuring schemes and documents, including analytical processing of information in real-time mode (OLAP). With the help of the BSI Foundation and considering the possibilities of the Corporate Portal, any accounting process can be created (or a process for working with data). Read more about BSI, an ERP system.

IT-BRAMA Standard includes:

  • Tools for creating groups

  • Basic components:

    • News feed

    • Polls

    • Discussions

    • Data Storage

    • Calendar of company events.  With the appearance of document flow mechanisms in the Corporate Portal, calendar functions are enhanced. For example, a possibility of creating and supervising assignments is added.

    • Search System Unlike in IT-BRAMA Basic variant, with the appearance of document flow mechanisms in the Corporate Portal, the functions of search by document were added to the search system.

    • Informers. It is an automatically updated block with up-to-date information – new employees, birthdays, a list of tasks etc.

Besides this, in an online shop you can buy additional modules if needed – ready-to-use solutions enhancing the possibilities of the IT-BRAMA Standard. Ready-to-use solutions are the best combination of tools tested in practical situations and a basic software product, not requiring any large financial investments and long set-up. Ready-to-use solutions are meant for those enterprises where typical tasks should be resolved.

Ready-to-use solutions include the following;

  • part ‘Information for New Employees’

  • part ‘Company Legal Structure’

  • part ‘Links to Program Installations’

  • visual image of company structure

  • database of decrees and regulations

The list of ready-to-use solutions is constantly updated and enhanced.

Please note that these ready-to-use solutions are already integrated into the IT-BRAMA Enterprise Corporate Portal.



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