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The IT-BRAMA Enterprise Corporate Portal is a ‘turn-key’ solution. The portal is meant for enterprises that need a prompt and high-quality automation of business processes. IT-BRAMA Enterprise comprises the functions of IT-BRAMA Basic and IT-BRAMA Standard portal variants; Enterprise 2.0 concept realisation mechanisms are also used in it. However, compared to IT-BRAMA Basic and IT-BRAMA Standard, IT-BRAMA Enterprise includes standard templates of business processes. These standard templates and ready-to-use solutions have been developed by our professionals taking into the account more than 10 years of practical experience in implementing similar systems and mechanisms in companies operating in various industries. Now you do not need to look for optimal ways of documents in a company and ways of business processes optimisation.

Standard templates include electronic documents, dictionaries, routes defining the sequence of accomplishing regular and standard tasks:

Payment Requests.

This standard route allows to materially reduce time spent for typing and creating payment requests due to a range of optimised functions. In particular, it is possible to realise autocompleting and saving into memory the data input before.

Office Memos.

Due to the standard route 'Office memos', the time spent for creation of office memos, sending and receiving feedback will materially reduce. Moreover, this function will allow even a new employee to get understanding which officers should approve any business issue.


Standard route 'Orders' will allow the responsible people to fill in the order form in the shortest time, easily send it for approval and afterwards to familiarise the personnel with it.


This standard route will allow the responsible people to familiarise all the responsible people with the contract in the shortest time, receive lawyers' comments and approval as well as to pass it to the manager for signature.


If there are standard routes for hiring/dismissing, the process of filling in the documents is optimised and allows to make all  documents in the shortest possible time and in compliance with the law.

Assignment Management.

A standard route of managing assignments allows to create tasks with the least time and effort spent and then thoroughly coordinate the work over them. Due to the possibility to quickly select a responsible employee and the action required from the staff etc. the manager's administration function is realised simply and most efficiently.


(for leave, tickets, accommodation, transport, pass, purchase etc.). This standard route allows to easily create requests on time, clearly understand the list of people they should be forwarded to, and organise their timely delivery.


In addition to standard routes, IT-BRAMA Enterprise includes the following:

  • Tools for creating groups

  • Basic components:

    • News feed

    • Polls

    • Discussions

    • Data Storage

    • Calendar of company events.  With the appearance of document flow mechanisms in the Corporate Portal, calendar functions are enhanced. For example, a possibility of creating and supervising assignments is added.

    • Search System Unlike in IT-BRAMA Basic variant, with the appearance of document flow mechanisms in the Corporate Portal, the functions of search by document were added to the search system.

    • Informers. It is an automatically updated block with up-to-date information – new employees, birthdays, a list of tasks etc.

  • Document flow core and mechanisms of document routes visual configuration.

  • BSI Foundation with five additional licences. Read more about BSI, an ERP system.

  • Ready-to-use solutions which include the following: single storage of documents, tabular data, knowledge and other information; part ‘Information for New Employees’; part ‘Company legal structure’; part ‘Links to program installations’; visual image of company structure; database of decrees and regulations, and photo galleries.

The price of IT-BRAMA Enterprise includes 40 hours for set-up and adaptation of standard routes and ready-to-use solutions according to customer needs.

Besides this, if necessary the functions of IT-BRAMA Enterprise can be enhanced by additionally purchased special solutions where the specifics of business processes of different departments is realised to the fullest. Special solutions represented as separate blocks can be easy integrated into IT-BRAMA Enterprise. We offer the following special blocks:

HR Department block.

In this block, the following parts can be created and updated:

  • open vacancies;

  • personnel transfers;

  • changes in the HR policy; and

  • employment and interviews schedules.

Office Manager block.

This block realises the function of evaluating the manager's occupancy and supervising the timely report creation. Moreover, company's personnel is interested in receiving the information about the stage of a request submitted. At the wish of the manager, it is possible to make both authorised employees and all personnel able to track the request status.  Realisation of 'Office Manager' block at an enterprise will allow to coordinate office managers' work in the best possible way.

Administrative Support Office block.

This block  systematizes and automates activities of an administrative support office by minimising time spent for registration and processing of documents. Implementation of a special solution for the administrative support office will allow to keep the illustrative reporting and track the document statuses.

Finance block.

This block allows to create most known and necessary reports for a financial department. Wisely thought-out business processes make the received reporting trustworthy and high-quality. The process of creating reports does not take much time and the possibility of tracking the document statuses simplifies the coordination of departments' work.

Sales Department block.

Thanks to this block, the following parts can be created and updated:

  • Lists and contacts of companies with tender offers

  • List of tenders the company is taking part in

  • Contacts of potential customers

  • Contacts of partners and customers

  • News feed of competitors (RSS etc.)

  • Templates of reports, commercial offers, envelopes and other materials

IT services block.

In this block, lists of registered domains, server lists and tasks, a list of IT equipment in use, information related to its maintenance are recorded. Due to a high-quality database available, searching and updating of the information are considerably simplified allowing for a more efficient use of working time by company employees.



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