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It is a set of instruments helping to increase the efficiency of company projects by creating working groups and mechanisms of interaction within them.

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Possibility of creating working groups

Working groups are the unions of specialists possessing the access and possibility to work with files, news, discussions, tasks and assignments within the framework of a certain project.

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Personal news feed

News of working groups and projects an employee is taking part in.

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Displayed in the news feed of an employee.

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Lists of participants of work groups   view view view
Discussions   view view view
Document flow nucleus

A platform for creating and setting the of electronic document flow system of a company.
Due to the use of ready instruments with basic templates and settings (templates and settings are supplied in Enterprise version) the process of implementing a single document flow automation system at an enterprise is considerably facilitated.

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Mechanisms of visual configuration of documents flow routes

Graphic editor of routes with the help of which a user can create document routes himself and ready graphical schemes allow to easily see the route logics, the stage which the document passes at the moment and all further stages, document status, responsible person and available actions for a certain document.

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Calendar of company events   view view
Search engine

Search by libraries and lists
Search by document number
Search by employee
Adjustable search filters

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Automatically updated block with actual information – new employees, birthdays, task lists etc.

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Packaged solutions

A single warehouse of documents, tabular data, knowledge and other information
Calendar of company events
Part ‘Information for new employees’
Part ‘Company Legal Structure’
Part ‘Links to Programs Installations’
Visual image of company’s organizational structure
Decrees and regulations with the possibility of different ways of informing employees (e-mail distribution, news feed etc.)

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BSI Foundation + 5 licences

A convenient instrument for administering, setting and controlling the portal. It is used for setting schemes and documents, data analysis, and OLAP.

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Standard routes

Payment requests
Office memos
Management of assignments
Requests (for leave, tickets, accommodation, passes, purchase etc.)

Special solutions

A possibility to define the content of the main page individually
Mass-media news received by RSS feed (can be set individually)


Special solutions for departments

HR Department block

Open vacancies
Personnel transfers
Changes in the HR policy
Employment and interviews schedules

Office manager block

Requests status
Office manager’s occupancy

Administrative support office block

Document statuses

Finance block

Document statuses

Sales Department block

Lists and contacts of companies with tender offers
Lists of tenders the company takes part in
Contacts of potential customers
Contacts of partners and customers
News feed of competitors (RSS feed etc.)
Templates of reports, commercial offers, envelopes etc.

IT Services block

Lists of registered domains
Lists and schemes of routes within the company
Lists and tasks of servers
Lists of equipment, tasks and their location

Work hours

16 hours of works to deploy the portal

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PRICE   $ 1,500 $ 3,500 $ 7,500 (+40 hours for set-up)
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