The IT-BRAMA Basic Corporate Portal comprises a set of basic functions not involving customer's business processes which is characteristic of a standardised solution. IT-BRAMA Basic is an packaged solution. You can start working with it and avoid a long implementation procedure.

The IT-BRAMA Portal realises the Enterprise 2.0 concept based on Web 2.0 technology in the best possible way.  According to this concept, company employees themselves create corporate information. Read more about the Enterprise 2.0 concept.  The IT-BRAMA Basic Corporate Portal has its own set of tools to realise the  Enterprise 2.0 concept.

The main tool from this set is a function of creating groups. Groups are a key element in organising collaboration of employees within the framework of certain projects, tasks and/or interests. Thanks to groups, collaboration proves more efficient when working over some projects or tasks.

Four types of groups can be created in the IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal:

    • Working Groups. To enable joint work of employees over several projects.


    • Project Teams. To enable joint work of employees over a certain project or task.


    • Mailing Lists (information groups). To create topic-based informational blocks.


    • Leisure (hobby). To organise joint leisure and rest by interests staying within the corporate resource.

Also, the possibilities of Enterprise 2.0 concept are realised with the help of the following basic components:


News feed.

Thanks to it, employees can promptly receive new orders, regulations, group news, get informed about upcoming meetings, birthdays, corporate events and celebrations. Also, news about company successes and financial results can be spread.


Events Calendar.

Designed for planning and managing information about various events.


Search System.

Possibility to search by libraries, lists, employees; has adjustable search filters.



Any poll topic can be set, polls can be forwarded to all staff members or to separate groups or employees. Regular polls allow for tracking the dynamics of public opinion and moods of the employees.



Can take place inside working groups (project teams) as well as at a company level. Discussions can be compared with traditional forums, but unlike them, discussions in IT-BRAMA are held with standard forum possibilities as well as the possibilities of electronic mail, blogs, chats etc. Discussions can contain comments, evaluations, additional information (e.g. references), links to external resources, attachments. Discussions data can be saved, they can be easily found and used, for example, if it is needed to understand the grounds and time of certain decisions taken.


Data Storage

(file repository) Stores various documents, tabular data and other information, and keeps them updated. These data can be in the form of files, they are accessible by all company employees respective to their access rights and can be distributed within the network according to business processes.


Thanks to using the Storage, the irretrievable data leakage is prevented, and all company information is consolidated in one place.



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