No communication between employees

Many company managers note that one of the most important management tasks is to create communication networks and build efficient internal communications. Lack of communication (both staff members and freelancers) as well as between company management and employees within the framework of projects or tasks being executed between the employees affect company’s business activities. At this, working groups productivity decreases, the time of works execution is increased. Managers should understand that no complicated task will be solved without the well-established intracorporate communication system.

Communication should act as a tool for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience to ensure mutual understanding in order to achieve common business goals.

With the help of employees communication mechanisms realized in the IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal, the productivity of staff work is increased.

The IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal provides several communication channels: a chat between two or more employees, personal mail messages, polls, discussions, forums, blogs etc.

Thanks to communication mechanisms, an intracorporate communication system is established. Within it, the time spent for finding an issue solution and receiving necessary information is reduced considerably. Besides that, thanks to communications:

  • communication system working with freelancers and outsourcers is improved;
  • knowledge database is created and all the know-how created by company leading employees is saved inside the company even after their dismissal;
  • company staff alert system is optimized; and
  • an efficient system of discussions and polls is created.

Thanks to that, a working group becomes ‘a united team’, a possibility appears of generating ideas, finding the best possible solutions for issues when working over joint, the most complicated projects.

We can offer you the following:

  • to establish and improve the scheme of interacting with customers and partners through business processes automation;
  • to optimize all employees’ work and improve their working conditions due to a single informational corporate resource created. Your personnel will be able to find answers to all questions within intranet;
  • to reduce distance between outsourcers and company due to working in a common corporate portal;
  • to cut paperwork expenses and time for approving documents by implementing electronic document flow;
  • to save all the know-how of your employees inside the company, and
  • to bring the enterprise functioning up to a new level.