Insufficient supervision over employees

Supervision over business processes is vital for many company heads. And such supervision is not possible without confidence in the efficient employees' work. Situations when employees neglect deadlines, fulfil wrong tasks, lose documents or work with out-of-date versions of documents, can happen very often.  To exclude these situations, a solution is needed to supervise the fulfilment of set tasks, to arrange priorities for the works to be accomplished, to change status, to add comments, and to receive progress reports.

The IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal allows for supervising over staff activities i.e. for being sure that employees are working and that the set tasks will be accomplished in time. At a corporate portal, it is possible to give and supervise assignments, forward tasks for re-working, create a plan of activities for oneself (or for the subordinates), promptly find information. At this, the reminder system will not let you forget any important issue.

Using the functions of Electronic Document Flow embedded in the system, any company head can limit his or her employees' access to this or that information tracking in parallel the stage of document approval and amendments that have been made to it already. The IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal shows the start and the end of works, the progress of current tasks being fulfilled individually or by a working group. For instance, the adjustable Gantt chart visualizes the approved plan and work schedule for projects, key milestones and deadlines.