Employees are unaware of the current situation in the company

Not always employees know what is happening inside their company, how the business is going, what the latest news is and what events already happened or are planned. And new employees are often disoriented, it is difficult for them to learn about company’s mission, tasks, and to get to know their new colleagues. Information passed to a specific employee in due course and time is of the highest value. And the absence of a due awareness can lead to wrong decisions taken by managers and their subordinates, to information miscommunication, to the inefficient use of time, to failures in organising meetings etc.

The Corporate Portal allows to save time and provides a possibility to receive all the necessary information about company life at once and from one working place. In the IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal, to gain awareness about everything happening in your company, you should set up several blocks and modules:

Personal News Feed. It can serve for working purposes as well as for keeping a favourable atmosphere in the company. In particular, the implementation of news feed will allow for the following:

  • to promptly inform the employees about new orders, regulations,
  • to inform about coming meetings, or trainings,
  • to alert about coming birthdays, corporate events and celebrations,
  • to distribute news about company successes, financial results etc., and
  • to receive news from working groups.

News feed can be not only a purely informational instrument but also a motivational lever; at the condition of its appropriate completion and corporate culture development any team member will strive to gain more weight in the community and to get his or her successes and opinion shared.

Polls. This block, in particular, allows to receive a response to a certain task, discuss important topics or project progress report, reveal the needs of employees for training, holding corporate events etc.

The main characteristics of polls which are important for a company’s head are the following:

  • an authorized person can create polls and forward them both to all company personnel and to particular groups;
  • poll topic can be any;
  • regular polls allow for tracking the dynamics of public opinion and moods of the employees; and
  • all polls are posted in the employees’ personal news feeds, and due to this, any unawareness of the employees about monitoring is excluded.

Discussions. This block will help to receive answers to professional questions from company employees. A corporate portal for discussions will allow for the following:

  • to reduce time spent in extranet by each employee;
  • to speed up the search for needed information;
  • to receive a motivated opinion on important issues, and
  • to organize brainstorming among the employees regardless of their location.

Company Events Calendar. Keeping a company events calendar allows to timely alert all personnel about significant corporate events, coming negotiations, meetings etc. As any employee can access the calendar, it lets them quickly track coming events and react to the information received in due time.

Information for New Employees. This part is ideal for large developing companies and firms with a high level of workforce turnover. As a rule, training of new employees and their acquaintance with corporate values take a lot of time. Automation of these processes can significantly reduce the time of new employees’ adaptation.

Visual Image of Company’s Organizational Structure. This part is vital for large corporations with extended branch network. It lets the employees properly create document routes, to assess the possibilities of their career growth, and to find employees responsible for doing different jobs.

Informers. Automatically updated Informers block is needed by every employee to receive any information in due time. Informers may contain data about the date of birth of any employee, information about new employees, an approved order, and a list of received tasks.

Photo Galleries. Using photo galleries provides for the following:

  • to promptly share photo reports from various events, both corporate and official;
  • to create a database of pictures illustrating company activities, and
  • to purchase high-quality clip-arts and share them with all employees.

It is also important to have a possibility of restricting access to different photo galleries and certain images.