Electronic document flow is inefficient or absent

If a company encounters such problems as document loss, hampered or impossible search for necessary documents, long and labour-consuming procedures of agreeing, correcting, approving documents, impossibility of defining the latest version of a document or among the duplicates finding the needed one, then the Electronic Document Flow needs to be implemented. This implementation allows for cutting costs for paper documents, reduce ineffective time expenditures of employees, organize and protect work with documents, speed up information flows (document flow) within a company.

In the IT-BRAMA, the Electronic Document Flow is realized through ‘cloud’ services.

For SME, the first and the main advantage of using cloud document flow is the cost cutting. Due to availability of ready-to-use instruments and a considerable number of basic templates, the implementation of electronic document flow takes little time, and adjustment and further support practically do not involve any additional costs.

The second advantage of cloud electronic document flow is a possibility of distance work with documents. Thanks to EDF you can set tasks, approve document drafts, take decisions even being out of office and using only a tablet or a smartphone with Internet connection.

For large companies, the issues of data leak protection are vital, the human factor is important when working with passwords and information (for example, dismissal of an unsatisfied administrator may cost a large company several days of life). Cloud EDF can help to avoid such problems. An issue of supervising business processes is not less vital which enjoys its optimal solution in Electronic Document Flow. Any company’s head can restrict access of his employees to that or this information in parallel tracking the stage of the document approval and the amendments that had been already made to it.

Beside the main advantages, some additional ones can be mentioned here:

  • a subject-specific search is perfectly established in Electronic Document Flow – even a very old order can be easily found;
  • client data are systematized in any convenient way;
  •  it is possible to view all the documents even if there are no pre-installed programs on the computer
  • documents are approved and signed within a short period of time;
  • joint preparation, review, agreement and approval of documents are automated;
  • it is possible to differentiate employees’ access rights when working with documents;
  • flexible customization of document flow;
  • it is possible to supervise the progress and result of works;
  • electronic archive can be created; and
  • all tasks and kinds of documents are accessible by employees directly at their workplaces.