Collaboration when working over projects is accompanied by lack of order

Unfortunately, this problem can be seen in many companies. Under ‘Collaboration’ we understand a team consisting of two or more employees working together to achieve common goals or solve certain tasks. Set tasks can be solved faster in collaboration than individually due to the fact that all team members can take active part in discussions, exchange their experience and knowledge, accurately fulfil specific tasks according to approved schedule. And for such communications, a modern technological platform is required.

In the IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal, collaboration when working over a certain project or task is realised within the framework of working groups. These groups can be created by a company’s manager or any authorized person, for different purposes:

  • to work over a certain project;
  • to restrict access to secret information;
  • to discuss and take the most important decisions;
  • to supervise the tasks being executed (within a group and for each group member separately); and
  • for different trainings.

A list of groups looks compact and informative on the Corporate Portal. Any user can see all the groups, own and archived. Besides this, it is possible to search for the required groups, and to restrict access.
Every working group obtains some space on the Portal. The functions of group members are rather numerous. Due to Electronic Document Flow, members of working groups can efficiently work over documents. Employees can also do the following:

  • set tasks;
  • appoint meetings;
  • share and exchange different files;
  • create new events in the calendar;
  • discuss and exchange messages, and
  • work with the database.