Future of the Internet is with Cloud Services

At the technical conference DevDay*Kyiv main perspectives of software developers were discussed, in connection with the rising demand for cloud services. The organiser of this event is Microsoft Ukraine.

According to some researches made, 85% of companies of SME sector in Ukraine are using cloud services in their work. The rising popularity of cloud services and mass spreading of devices with Internet connection is becoming a main trend in the developing Internet of Things. The concept of the ‘Internet of Things’ assumes that devices in the ‘cloud’ exchange data between themselves and users. This concept is becoming very actual taking considering the fact that we are already expecting 25 billion connected devices in the world by 2015, and 50 billion – by 2020.

Experts say that the future of the Internet will be formed by cloud services. For example, the point of view of David Chappell, the Director of the consulting company Chappell & Associates (San-Francisco, California) is such that already now the ‘clouds’ cardinally turn the development of the whole information industry becoming a driving force of innovations. Today everyone connected with technologies in any way should know how to work with a cloud. Victor Tsikunov, the Director of the Strategic Technologies Department with Microsoft Ukraine, thinks the same. In his opinion, in future people will use cloud services via any connected device – be it personal computers, smartphones or tablets, or TV sets, consumer electronics, cars etc. Thanks to modern technologies, any object around us can be made ‘smart’ and its efficient functioning in the Internet of Things can be realised with the help of cloud services.