IT-BRAMA Company, a member of Business Service Group of Companies, is a developer and supplier of portal solutions allowing for enhancing the efficiency of employees' work, providing them with up-to-date corporate information, the means of searching for necessary documents and knowledge, automating document flow as well as bringing together data and processes from different systems.

Specialists from our company are highly qualified. Their competence and experience are proved not only by practical work but also by international certificates.

Our solutions are complex, and they also include smooth integration into the customer's infrastructure, training of employees and further support of the system implemented.

Our employees possess more than 10 years of experience in implementing systems of ERP class as well as in consulting, describing, creating and configuring business processes in companies operating in various industries.

Our portal solutions allow for the following:

  • establish and upgrade the scheme of interacting with clients and partners due to business process automation;

  • optimise all employees’ work and improve their working conditions due to the creation of a single informational corporate resource. Your personnel will be able to find an answer to any question within the intranet;

  • reduce distance between the outsourcers and the company due to working at a single corporate portal;

  • cut paperwork expenses and time spent for approving documents by way of Electronic Document Flow implementation;

  • save all the know-how of your employees inside the company, and

  • bring the enterprise functioning up to a new level.

IT-BRAMA guarantees high quality of development, implementation and support for corporate informational systems to its customers.  In our relationship with customers, we rely on long-term and fruitful cooperation where we will not only support the implemented system but also offer totally new and interesting variants of solving issues arising at an enterprise.