Corporate Portal

The IT-BRAMA Corporate Portal is a set of tools

and templates to solve

three global tasks – work with information,

improved communication within the company

and facilitation of work with documents

due to implementation of document flow mechanisms.

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High-quality organisation of users

collaboration is an efficient interaction

between employees, joint work over a

project or task, safe data storage

and timely access to them

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document flow

Electronic document flow simplifies work

with documents, reduces time of creation,

processing, search for documents and ensures storage,

flow, and audit of documents in a company

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The IT-BRAMA Basic Corporate Portal, based on Microsoft SharePoint, comprises a set of basic functions not involving customer's business processes which is characteristic of a standardised solution. IT-BRAMA Basic is an packaged solution. You can start working with it and avoid a long implementation procedure. The IT-BRAMA Portal realises the Enterprise 2.0 concept based on Web 2.0 technology in the best possible way. According to this concept, company employees themselves create corporate information. The IT-BRAMA Basic Corporate Portal has its own set of tools to realise the Enterprise 2.0 concept.


The IT-BRAMA Standard Corporate Portal is based on Microsoft SharePoint and is optimal for those companies that do not need templates or standard routes of business processes due to their activities specifics, or uselessness of such routes or templates. Similar to IT-BRAMA Basic, the Enterprise 2.0 concept is realised with the set of own tools in the IT-BRAMA Standard Corporate Portal. In addition to functions realised in IT-BRAMA Basic, IT-BRAMA Standard is enhanced with document flow core mechanisms with mechanisms of document routes visual configuration.


The IT-BRAMA Enterprise Corporate Portal is a ‘turn-key’ solution based on Microsoft SharePoint. The portal is meant for enterprises that need a prompt and high-quality automation of business processes. IT-BRAMA Enterprise comprises the functions of IT-BRAMA Basic and IT-BRAMA Standard portal variants; Enterprise 2.0 concept realisation mechanisms are also used in it. However, compared to IT-BRAMA Basic and IT-BRAMA Standard, IT-BRAMA Enterprise includes standard templates of business processes. Now you do not need to look for optimal document routes in a company and ways of business processes optimisation.

PROBLEMS and solutions

Insufficient supervision over employees

No communication between employees

Electronic document flow is inefficient or absent

Supervision over business processes is vital for many company heads. And such supervision is not possible without confidence in the efficient employees' work. Situations when employees neglect deadlines, fulfil wrong tasks, lose documents or work with out-of-date versions of documents, can happen very often. To exclude these situations, a solution is needed to supervise the fulfilment of set tasks, to arrange priorities for the works to be accomplished, to change status, to add comments, and to receive progress reports.


Many company managers note that one of the most important management tasks is to create communication networks and build efficient internal communications. Lack of communication (both staff members and freelancers) as well as between company management and employees within the framework of projects or tasks being executed between the employees affect company’s business activities. At this, working groups productivity decreases, the time of works execution is increased. Managers should understand that no complicated task will be solved without the well-established intracorporate communication system.


If a company encounters such problems as document loss, hampered or impossible search for necessary documents, long and labour-consuming procedures of agreeing, correcting, approving documents, impossibility of defining the latest version of a document or among the duplicates finding the needed one, then the Electronic Document Flow needs to be implemented. This implementation allows for cutting costs for paper documents, reduce ineffective time expenditures of employees, organize and protect work with documents, speed up information flows (document flow) within a company.


It is a very frequent case that in many companies the most of created data (text files, presentations, audio and video files etc.) is not structured properly i.e. it is not created according to any templates and is different from tables or lists by format. And this unstructured information is often out of control and chaotic. In its turn, this hampers searching for necessary information and is accompanied by loss or duplication of documents. Company employees do not know where the information that they need is located and spend a lot of time to find it. And sometimes the information found is incomplete, out-of-date or inaccurate.


Unfortunately, this problem can be seen in many companies. Under ‘Collaboration’ we understand a team consisting of two or more employees working together to achieve common goals or solve certain tasks. Set tasks can be solved faster in collaboration than individually due to the fact that all team members can take active part in discussions, exchange their experience and knowledge, accurately fulfil specific tasks according to approved schedule. And for such communications, a modern technological platform is required.


Not always employees know what is happening inside their company, how the business is going, what the latest news is and what events already happened or are planned. And new employees are often disoriented, it is difficult for them to learn about company’s mission, tasks, and to get to know their new colleagues. Information passed to a specific employee in due course and time is of the highest value. And the absence of a due awareness can lead to wrong decisions taken by managers and their subordinates, to information miscommunication, to the inefficient use of time, to failures in organising meetings etc.


Searching for necessary information in companies

Collaboration when working over projects is accompanied by lack of order

Employees are unaware of the current situation in the company

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